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Asbestos Air Monitoring

Asbestos air monitoring is a method that involves capturing air samples to assess the concentration of airborne asbestos fibres outside the restricted area (asbestos control monitoring), gauging the air in a worker’s breathing zone within the specific area (personal exposure monitoring), and ensuring the space is safe for re-occupation following asbestos removal (asbestos clearance monitoring).

Depending on a risk assessment, air monitoring for asbestos may be required during the removal of bonded asbestos, usually overseen by a Class B asbestos removal contractor. In cases where asbestos is determined as friable, an A-class removal licence is mandated, and monitoring of asbestos air and clearance needs to be carried out by an independent Licenced Asbestos Assessor (LAA).

ENV boasts numerous experienced Licenced Asbestos Assessors (LAAs) throughout the area. Combined with our internal NATA-accredited asbestos testing laboratory, we provide a comprehensive and cost-effective asbestos air monitoring service.

Asbestos Clearance

WHS legislation stipulates that a PCBU must ensure an asbestos clearance inspection is undertaken when more than 10 m² of non-friable asbestos material is removed, or any amount of friable asbestos is extracted before the area is reopened.

Our expert team of Licenced Asbestos Assessors at ENV collaborates with clients to execute asbestos clearance inspections and issue asbestos clearance certificates once the removal of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) has taken place in alignment with legislative stipulations. Serving various industries, our seasoned consulting team possesses vast experience, having completed thousands of large and small scale projects across private and public sectors.

Other Air Monitoring Services

While many of the air monitoring tasks completed by ENV are linked to asbestos, our team of Occupational Hygiene Consultants provide a broader suite of services. This range encompasses Silica Dust Monitoring, Synthetic Mineral Fibre (SMF) Monitoring, Dust Monitoring (PM10, PM2.5), monitoring for heavy metal dust like lead, and other types of personal exposure monitoring.

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