Environmental Remediation

An award-winning specialist in environmental remediation contracting, ENV Solutions is at the forefront of resolving environmental challenges with a holistic approach.

We offer a broad spectrum of environmental remediation solutions ranging from waste transport and disposal, leachate treatment, dewatering, and water treatment, to more specialised practices like PFAS investigation, hydro mulching, and hydrocarbon remediation. With demonstrated experience and expertise in tackling complex projects, ENV are equipped to handle contaminants of potential concern such as PFAS. Our seasoned environmental consultants have successfully prepared contaminated sites for safe redevelopment using progressive soil, groundwater, and surface water remediation techniques. We are committed to working with stakeholders to meet project objectives while delivering innovative solutions that are compliant, fit-for-purpose and cost effective.

Our commitment to excellence has been recognised through industry awards on several occasions. Notable recognition includes the prestigious Engineers Australia Project of the Year (Newcastle) in 2023 and the Northern Rivers Excellence in Sustainability Award in 2019.
With nationwide reach, ENV have a track record built on hard work, strong client relationships and positive environmental outcomes.

Environmental problem? We have the solution.