Groundwater Monitoring

ENV’s experienced team of environmental consultants and environmental engineers specialise in the design and implementation of comprehensive groundwater monitoring programs. Whether the need is intermittent or routine, we pride ourselves on our ability to install groundwater monitoring wells, utilising our internal drilling capability, record groundwater level data and undertake groundwater testing for any contaminants of potential concern (COPC).

Having successfully completed hundreds of projects since 2014, we’ve amassed extensive knowledge of local groundwater conditions. Working together with stakeholders across various industries, we utilise groundwater investigation data to:

  • Prepare Dewatering Management Plans (DMP)
  • Formulate Groundwater Contingency Management Plans
  • Compile compliance reports in line with regulatory standards
  • Support the groundwater extraction approval process

In collaboration with our clients and regulatory authorities at both local and state levels, ENV’s environmental consultants have a proven track record in managing groundwater extraction approvals for temporary construction dewatering projects. Our expertise includes:

  • Securing water supply work and/or use approvals
  • Obtaining Water Access Licences (WAL)
  • Facilitating the brokering and assigning share components between Water Access Licences

For more details on our specialised groundwater capability, see Dewatering and Water Treatment

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