Occupational Hygiene

ENV Solutions are committed to creating safer environments by proactively identifying, addressing, and mitigating occupational hygiene risks. Occupational hygiene risk pertains to the potential hazards that can arise in a work environment that may negatively impact the health and well-being of occupants. ENV’s team of experienced occupational hygiene consultants, HAZMAT consultants and Licenced Asbestos Assessors (LAA) work with stakeholders to ensure spaces are free from contaminants and are ultimately safe for occupation.

We provide a comprehensive occupational hygiene consulting service that spans hazardous materials assessment, identification and assessment of asbestos, including management during removal to limit exposure risk, mould infestation investigation, with recommendations for remediation, asbestos in soil assessment, specialist meth screening and validation, monitoring and management of silica dust levels and indoor air quality. Complimenting these services, we offer tailored tests to ensure respiratory protective equipment fits correctly and provides maximum protection, and an in-house NATA accredited asbestos laboratory service.

In response to constantly evolving safety regulations, our occupational hygiene services are delivered in adherence to strict procedures to align with the latest industry codes and practices. We pride ourselves on not just identifying risks, but also delivering actionable and effective solutions. When the question is of safety, ENV’s comprehensive occupational hygiene services will ensure your site remains secure, compliant, and safe.

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