Water Treatment

Essential for nearly every project involving the release of extracted water into the environment or regulator infrastructure (such as stormwater or sewer systems), water treatment processes play a pivotal role in ensuring the project’s environmental goals are achieved.

Backed by our in-house fleet of mobile water treatment equipment, and a team comprising of experienced chemical and environmental engineers, industrial chemists, and trade-qualified operators – project advantages to ENV clients include:

  • A dedicated team of technical water treatment consulting professionals
  • In-house fleet of mobile water treatment plant that is quick to mobilise and commission
  • Plug and play processes suitable for both planned and emergency work dewatering applications
  • Telemetry and remote operational capabilities, ideal for unmanned plant management
  • Proven capability in managing projects with high flow rates
  • Recognised and award-winning innovative technologies designed to address complex challenges, such as PFAS Water Treatment and Leachate Water Treatment
  • Internal team of environmental consulting and environmental management
With a background in delivering both established and innovative technologies, we address a broad range of toxicants and physiochemical issues, including:
  • pH correction and dissolved oxygen
  • Total suspended solids and turbidity removal
  • Heavy metals removal (including iron)
  • Organics compounds and nutrients
  • Per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances – PFAS Water Treatment
  • Other recalcitrant contaminants

ENV’s team of technical water treatment professionals offer start-to-finish solutions, catering to industry-specific applications including:

  • Groundwater
  • Surface water treatment
  • Tailings pond water treatment
  • Acid sulfate soils water treatment
  • Sediment pond water treatment
  • Leachate water treatment

Environmental problem? We have the solution.