Resource Recovery & Reuse

ENV Solutions works hard to recover materials that are otherwise considered as waste and destined for landfill.

Following testing and classification of such materials, we investigate the opportunities to beneficially reuse material and ‘close the loop’.

Whether it’s re-housing Virgin Excavated Natural Material (VENM), Excavated Natural Material (ENM), recovered aggregate or biosolids to conducting feed stock analysis for ‘bio-hubs,’ anaerobic digestion and novel gasification technologies, we find solutions to often challenging waste problems.

Beneficial Re-Use:

Recovered Aggregate, Biosolids, Compost, Effluent, Food Waste, Treated Greasetrap Waste, Tyres – and more

Our waste strategies have been recognised as one of the most innovative in the region – along with tier one civil contractors, logistics partners, local and state government agencies and private industry.

Our team is currently negotiating approvals to beneficially re-use 100,000 tonnes per year of recovered aggregate (concrete washout wastes) with key stakeholders such as NSW EPA.