PFAS Contamination and PFAS Remediation

Per- and Poly- Fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are known to be toxic/ persistent compounds that bioaccumulate in the environment. An emerging contaminant of concern, ENV takes pride in our ability to offer a full spectrum PFAS investigatory service and remediation capability.

Having worked on Australian government Department of Defence sites, as part of civil works and minor projects, ENV has extensive and expert experience in managing the investigatory process to meet Department of Defence (DOH), PFAS National Environmental Management Plan (NEMP) and other legislation and guidelines.

PFAS in Groundwater, PFAS in Surface Water, PFAS in Soil

Utilising our inhouse chemical and process engineering capability, ENV has developed and delivered award-winning Groundwater PFAS Remediation services as part of the dewatering process.

Extending into soil and surface water remediations – ENV offer unique, effective and compliant PFAS solutions to meet all PFAS Remediation requirements.