Dewatering And Water Treatment

Specialists in the extraction, treatment and release of groundwater, ENV Solutions offers a turnkey dewatering solution for both government (local, state and federal) and private industry.

ENV’s team of expert chemical engineers and industrial chemists have significant technical and operational expertise and experience. They have developed dewatering and water treatment procedures which are designed to ensure that dewatered discharge waters meet local and federal regulatory approvals.

Contaminated Groundwater

From the management of the investigation process (groundwater and receiving environment), the preparation of a suitable dewatering management documentation and management of the regulatory process to the successful treatment, release, compliance monitoring and analytical reporting process.

ENV Solutions have expertise in offering the following services:

pH Correct (Augment pH where required)
Remove Sediment (Gravity assisted flocculation)
Metal Removal (Chemical Precipitation OR Ion Exchange)
Manage Dissolved Oxygen (DO) in discharge waters
Eliminate Free Phase Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Treat Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) [Counter current exchange stripping]
Eradicate Total Organic Compounds (TOC)
Remediate PFAS Contaminated Groundwater

Recent projects include:

Remediation of PFAS contaminated groundwater for the Department of Defence and its sub-contractors to below detection

pH correction, sediment removal, Free Phase Removal, VOC removal and TOC removal on several sites for BP Australia and its sub-contractors

pH correction, sediment removal and increase Dissolved Oxygen to successfully precipitate iron from groundwater for Ballina Shire Council and its sub-contractors

ENV will work to find a compliant, safe and cost-effective solution to your Dewatering and Water Treatment issue.