On-Site Sewage Management (OSSM)

On-Site Sewage Management (OSSM) is required in rural and semi-rural environments where there are non-sewered services.

ENV Solutions’ team of highly-qualified Environmental Engineers design appropriate systems to successfully treat wastewater from premises before applying effluent to land.

Our services include working with septic systems, aerated wastewater treatment systems, composting toilets, reedbeds, sand filters, biological filters, membrane reactors and grey water systems.

Mitigating Human Health Risks with OSSM

Assessing sub-surface conditions, groundwater and soil characteristics ENV works to design systems that cater to meet hydraulic load and land application.

ENV is committed to mitigating human health risks associated with the improper treatment and release of effluent. We determine all maintenance measures and service requirements to meet the treatment goals within regulatory compliance requirements.